The Hästens bedding


A well- established 6-generation family business, Hästens beds are the epitome of bedding excellence.

Made from horsehair following a rigorous process, each mattress is handcrafted in the company's Swedish workshops. Hästens has been a trusted purveyor to the Swedish Royal Family since its inception, a title the company has retained ever since.

Les Suites Cinabre in Paris have an exclusive partnership with Hästens to offer a unique experience in the world's&

most luxurious bedding.

The Swedish ateliers

The Hästens workshop is located in Köping, Sweden, the family home of Alexandre Chapellier, the French-Swedish founder of Cinabre. Each mattress is assembled by hand,using the layer-on-layer technique, alternating layers of horsehair and cotton. This

technique has been preserved since 1852 and promises a perfect night's sleep. Learn more

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