Our artisans

Since its creation in 2011, Cinabre has favored hexagonal artisanal production, particularly in its ateliers in the Loire Valley region. This emphasis on rare expertise takes on a new dimension at 14 Cité Bergère, where exceptional French and Swedish craftsmen have been invited to partake.


Hästens is our prestigious supplier of handmade beds. Expect to sleep in the Rolls Royce of bedding. 

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To savor: an assortment of Plaq products, a Paris-based chocolatier-torréfacteur (chocolate roastery). Chocolate is slowly made by hand, in small batches, from rare cocoa beans.

Cinabre Dressing

Dressing gowns, bow ties, slippers, silk scarves...Cinabre made in France pieces are available in the Suites.


Suzanne Kaufmann, Sachajuan, Céline Escand : the best of cosmetics in each field. 


The floral tapestry, chosen from Pierre Frey's archives and exclusively re-printed for this project, covers one of the salons in its entirety.

The Parisian artisan upholsterer Clémentine Messié worked for over a month and a half to stretch the fabrics on the walls and ceiling


The Cinabre pocket notebooks are available in the Suites. It is made in Paris at Duvinage atelier (since 1868), located just a few blocks away from 14 Cité Bergère.


Vintage Hi-Fi equipments were hunted in Japan and France. The vinyl collections and playlists are curated by the DJ collective Toho Disco of which Cinabre's founder is a member.

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The golden sign painting around the Suites and the boutique are handmade by a Parisian artist.

Bed linen

Slip under the luxury covers of French artisan Bergan Delorme. The heavy cotton satin bed linen is made in France and used in the most exclusive palace hotels.